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Recherche - Formation - Valorisation
Recherche - Formation - Valorisation

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Electron probe micro-analyser CAMECA SX100 (EPMA)


CAMECA SX100 microprobe automation and analysis are done via Cameca Peaksight PC software. CMTC - CAMECA SX100

The microprobe is equipped with :
  • a tungsten filament gun
  • a motorised sample stage (x, y, z) with 1 µm reproducibility
  • 4 vertical WDS spectrometers mounted vertically (one is a high Ar-CH4 pressure) with conventionnal diffracting crystals (TAP, PET, LiF) or multi-layers monochromators (PC1:W/Si, PC2:Ni/C, PC3: Mo/B4C)
  • an anticontamination system :  O2 gas jet,  LN2 cold plate (for light elements analysis)

  • secondary-electrons (Everhart-Thornley) imaging, back-scattered and absorbed-electron imaging
  • Programming analysis points and profiles, wavelength spectra acquisition,..
  • Dedicated SAMx Stratagem software for thin film analysis is also used
  • 2D element mapping

Date of update April 14, 2020

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